C U R R I C U L U M   V I T A E

Alister Burrell
DOB:  26th of May 1979


Operating Systems:

Gentoo Linux, CentOS, Redhat Linux, RHEL, Ubuntu, Slackware Linux, Suse Linux, Debian, OpenVZ, Crux Linux, Solaris 2.5 - 10, FreeBSD, OpenBSD, HPUX, Amazon EC2, Enigma2, WinNT Server/Workstation, WinXP Workstation, Win2kx Server/Workstation, Win9x, Win3.xx, DOS, Cisco IOS, Novell, VxWorx and limited VAX/VMS.

Programming Languages:

Bash Script, Perl, SQL, AWK, PHP, HTML, CSS, XML, JavaScript, C, Bat.


Xen, KVM, Puppet, Apache, Lighttpd, Squid, Resin, Tomcat, Postfix, Sendmail, Qmail, CourierIMAP, Procmail, SquirrelMail, Fetchmail, Sybase, Oracle, PostgreSQL, mysql, Ncftpd, Wuftpd, Pure-ftpd, Tripwire, Aide, Nagios, Big Brother, Big Sister, Compaq Insight manager, WhatsUP, Cacti, Bacula, Veritas NetBackup, ArcServe, Bind, TinyDNS, Samba, DHCP, OpenSSH, SASL, Vim, RRD, OpenLDAP, IPChains, Ipfwadm, GPG, Bugzilla, Solstice Disksuite, GNUGK, Vocal, CIPE, IPSec, Majordomo, Mailman, MediaWiki, Twiki, DistCC, CVS, SVN, GlusterFS, Kickstart.
MS Exchange, MS DNS, MS DHCP, Microsoft Office, SQL Server, Microsoft Project, Norton Anti Virus Server and Client, McAfee/Dr Solomon TVD, IIS, Remedy.


Dell PowerEdge, Compaq/HP DL/ML/XW, Asus, SuperMicro and Fujitsu Siemens Servers, Ibook/Macbook, Sony, Compaq, Toshiba, Acer and generic notebooks.
Cisco Catalyst Switches, Cisco Pix Firewalls, Cisco Local Directors, Alteons. Allied Telesyn routers/switches, Netgear switches/routers, Dlink switches/routers, Procurve switches/routers, F5 Loadbalancers.

DLT and LTO1-3 Drives, Quantum tape robot, RAID controllers, SCSI cards.

Sun Netra T1/STs, Sun E220/E250/E420s, Sun Sunfire 280s/V880s, Sun T1000 – T2000.

Raritan KVMs  Comtrol RocketPorts and HP RKVM.

HPUX L Class cluster.

Pentium PC's.

APC Remote power strips, APC UPS.

Dreambox DM600PVR running Gemini image based on Enigma2


TCP/IP, UDP, ICMP, SNMP, 10G/1G/10M/100M Ethernet, VoIP(SIP, H323), GPRS, WAP, SMS, GSM, VLANs, VPN, STP, BGP, OSPF, Frame Relay, ATM, and Bluetooth.



Nokia Entertainment

Senior Linux Systems Administrator                                                       June 2010 to Date

Job Tasks:

       Linux(RHEL/CentOS, Ubuntu) Systems Administration.

       Mentoring Juniors.

       Integration With Windows Infrastructure.

       R&D Network Administration

       Release Management.

       Delivery Of Service.

       Infrastructure Design.


       Scripting And Automation.

       Monitoring Including Setup.


       IT Security.


Nable-IT @ HP Labs Bristol:

            Network Support Engineer                                             October 2008 to June 2010

            Job Tasks:

       Network, process and documentation audit.

       Formal documentation of networks.

       Documentation of networks and systems including head office IT systems to assist low level users.

       Monitoring system design and implementation complete with alerts and custom check scripts.

       Monitoring and resolution of network issues.

       Network design and implementation.

       Network support to test operators network engineers and developers.

       Network training for test operators and network engineers and developers.

       Security consultation.

       Policy creation and amendments.

       Equipment specification and purchasing.

       Mentoring of systems administrators/IT technicians.

       Scripting assistance to development teams.


Coull Ltd:                                                                                        June 2008 to August 2008

            Infrastructure Engineer

            Job Tasks:

       Responsible for the network and systems administration including network redesign and audit for a startup interactive video company.

       Implemented SAN solution using GlusterFS.

       Build modification and scripting.

       Backup and monitoring scripting.

       Security implementation.

       Build, code and content management and deployment design.


Multicom Products Ltd:                                                                                      Dec 2005 to June 2007

Systems / Network Administrator

Job Tasks:

       Responsible for the network and systems administration of a growing tourism business with failover and fully redundant site implemented using BGP. 

       Involved in network and serving architecture design and implementation decisions.

       Systems support for the non IT trained members of the team. 

       Application debugging and fault finding at network level. 

       Systems monitoring and backups. 

       Mentoring junior IT members of staff. 

       VPN configuration for client networks. 

       Server build creation and maintenance including deployment CD.



U4EA Technologies Ltd:                                                                         May 2003 to Dec 2005

Systems Administrator / Support Engineer

Job Tasks:

       Systems and network installation, monitoring, and troubleshooting on Gentoo and Redhat Linux, FreeBSD and WinXP.

       Edge router testing and construction of custom demo cases for client demos.

       Workstation installation, upgrades and troubleshooting.

       Daily systems administration, backup and scripting,  PostgreSQL db administration.

       Custom backup system implementation using tar and ssh.

       Secure web upload system implementation in PHP.

       Workstation support for 30+ users located in Bristol, Nice and Fremont CA USA connected via VPN and running Win2k/XP, Linux, MacOSX and FreeBSD.  Support of  Samba cups based printing system connected to HP, and QMS Magicolor printers.

       IT Purchasing.

       Systems and support documentation authoring for web and print.


Research In Motion / BlackBerry UK:                                    February 2002 to September 2002

Network Operations Administrator

Job Tasks:

       Critical systems and network installation, monitoring, and troubleshooting on Solaris, Win2k, HPUX, Linux, WinNT and FreeBSD.

       Management of issues, and ensuring all 3rd parties adhere to SLAs

       Data analysis, and report automation design using Perl and Bash.

       Daily systems administration and backup.

       Configuration of the fully redundant mission critical systems on the BlackBerry UK network

       Liaising with UK carriers to ensure QoS (quality of service) across the BlackBerry and GPRS networks.

       Mentoring junior members of the team.

       Team lead on rotation.

       Daily Sendmail administration under Solaris, including moving queues


Mutant Technology Ltd:                                                                        June 2001 to September 2001

Systems Administrator

Job Tasks:

       The complete design and installation and support of the live and staging environments on two Linux server farms used for a financial trading platform systems.

       Design and implementation of custom backup solution.

       Optimising the efficiency of the network infrastructure.

       Ensuring all systems compliant with current financial regulations.

       Configuration and administration of Cisco Catalyst switches, Cisco Pix firewalls, and Cisco Local Directors.

       Liaise and manage developers and DBAs to install and verify new builds on each environment, install demos and perform a customer facing role for the financial client

       The support of Win2k/XP office infrastructure servers and a number of test servers both Linux and Win2k.

       MS SQL and Sybase administration to dump and restore backups and ensure scripts connect ok.

       Account creation and modification on MS Exchange plus troubleshooting.


Surrey University - Computing Services:                                     August 1999 to September 2000

IT Support Technician with consultancy

Job Tasks:

       Installation, configuration, documentation and administration of WinNT/2k/Linux clients and servers, including peripheral installation.

       Daily administration of Samba.

       Installation, configuration and support of Win9x and Mac workstations.

       Cloning of systems using ghost and remote backup and restore using Lan manager and samba.

       Installation and configuration of specialised media equipment.

       Software installation, and documentation including Oracle clients.

       Build creation and deployment.

       3rd line support of campus administrative and open workstations.

       Account creation and modification on MS Exchange plus troubleshooting.

       Dealing with high profile and important clients, often working in a consultant capacity and dealing with businesses external to the university that work with them.


IncaGold Management Ltd:                                                           March 1999 to August 1999

IT Consultant

Worked on a number of small projects including:

       Creating Installer/ Online Updater with registration records for ValueSoft USA.

       Installation of home/small business network comprising of 5 Windows workstations, one Linux dial on demand isdn server with mail daemons and caching DNS and one Linux mp3 server linked to house speaker system plus wiring and small PBX installation.

        Online Casino website for an external client who a colleague and I dealt with directly.


Total Golf Egypt:                                                                     August 1997 to September 1997

Computer & Electrical Technician and Advisor

Job Tasks:         

       Wiring of Maxi Rain Bird sprinkler system weather and 14 field satellite banks to interface board.

       Set-up of control PC and specialized software installation.

       Configuration and data input of Maxi Control System software.

       Laying of cables, digging supervision, leak control and sprinkler assembly.

       Responsible for a number of local laborers.



       GBDirect Real Time C Programming                                              July 2004

       Wray Castle GPRS A Technical Perspective                                     June 2002

       Diploma of H.E in Computer Science                                             June 2001

       Power IT Administrating WinNT 4                                                 March 2001

       Power IT Supporting WinNT 4 Core Technologies                            March 2001

       BTEC GNVQ Advanced IT                                               Merit     June 1997

       7 GCSE`s grade A-C including Maths, English, Science and Electronics.

       PADI Divemaster


Educational Establishment                     From    To

       Kingston University                     1997     2001

       NESCOT                                   1995     1997

       Hollyfield School                                    1990     1995

       Grand Avenue Primary School       1984     1990




At home I admin a NAT gateway using OpenBSD which serves to 4 machines and runs a number of commercial daemons and services which I support including Apache and a number of small websites.  I am very interested in UNIX and a regular contributor to the Open Source community since 1997.

I like to make things from Electronics and have a go at fixing things that are broken.  I have a craving for knowledge and an understanding of how things work.


Sub Aqua:

I enjoy Scuba Diving and have over 300 logged dives and I am a PADI Rescue Diver and uncertified Divemaster with a few specialties, I frequently take trips abroad to further my hobby and often assist in the water with training or guiding.



I love to Travel and have traveled extensively in Europe, as well as visiting North America, South America, The Caribbean and The Middle East where my mother lives and I spend a lot of my time.  I believe traveling broadens your mind and love to experience the different cultures and meet different people.  In addition I enjoy Camping, and have camped extensively in the UK and a few European countries.




I like to listen to, create and mix music and have a very varied taste I find music helps me to concentrate and gives me inspiration.  I regularly go to clubs and events to dance to my favorite styles of music and see my friends that I have made in the scene some of whom promote, DJ, MC or produce themselves.



I have a strong interest in modern text based art and murals.  I also have a passion for fashion which has now extended into creating my own clothing using some of the art I love so much.  Photography is another thing I'm interested in at an amateur level, and have real thing for club photography and digital camera tricks.